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Symptomless Coma

A particularly dark comedy sketch from Chris Morris and co. Apologies if any of these are reposts.


by MrEd

submitted October 18th 2007

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11 years ago
Symptomless Coma - More like HUMORLESS COMEDY !!
11 years ago
Actors and film crew actually agreed to make this crap? They must be hard up.
11 years ago
Watching that almost put me in a coma.
11 years ago
Pull the butt plug on him.
11 years ago
Gay as a bag of dick
11 years ago
L A S T ! ... bloody hell... who would watch it... plus... NO TITTIES !!!! again !
11 years ago
Ummm... Well... Anything non-lame to talk about?
11 years ago
You are the essence of lameness, the epitome of lame, lameness distilled.

I looked up lame in the dictionary and it had your picture. (Man, you are a loser.)

Your hometown is called Lamesville.
Pop. you

If there was a perfume called Lame, it would smell like you.

Everytime you tell a joke, somebody farts.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
What do you want, zxcv?

If there was a lame olympics, you wouldn't win anything, because you are sooooooo lame.

The lame store called. They're running out of you.

What's the difference between zxcv and a horse with 4 broken legs?
The horse is funny.

Everybody at Mucho should thank you xyzp. Just by being here, you make everybody seem funnier and less lame-ass.
11 years ago
Now we can officially spell obsession HankChinaski. Write me another love letter essay. Please.
11 years ago
You are rapidly approaching the record for the most lame comments made in a 24 hour period.
11 years ago
Seriously, lame-o, I think you should look inside yourself and try to find out what it is that makes you so lame.

Only then can the healing process begin.
11 years ago
So, if you glue one lame person to another, have they been lamenated?
11 years ago
Well since Hunglikechina is the self proclaimed expert on lame, he should know the answer.
11 years ago
If you glue two lame people together, you get zxcvzxcv.
11 years ago
Very good Chinaski!
11 years ago
11 years ago
This shit is worse than US TV. And I can't stand it anymore. Signs of getting old.
11 years ago
You should be watching that Dayman/Nightman bollocks then if you think this is shit.
11 years ago
I'll just say that i'm really disappointed that no-one seemed to appreciate this twisted slice of comedy genius
11 years ago
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