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Grandmother Teaching Granddaughter How To Steal

Go Team White Trash!!!!!


by HankChinaski

submitted October 10th 2007

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I am confused as the female voice in this video
10 years ago
i saw this on ellen or that black dude´s show.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Oh... no titties, I'm watching the wrong video clip.
10 years ago
im happy she is not black, or else some of you morons would start your racist bullshit,
10 years ago
yeah i hate white people
10 years ago
10 years ago
i'm colour-blind, for me she's black.
So fuck niggers!
10 years ago
how do we know it wasn't the little kid's plan?
10 years ago
evil kid!
10 years ago
dragged her poor grandma into a life of crime.......wicked child!
10 years ago
gotta teach them while they are young.
10 years ago
hank the shank

onotjer true mochoer

unlike the current crop of circle jerk faggots that have infeste the place
3 years ago
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