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Super Douchebag


I didn't know being able to hit yourself in the face with cum was a talent.... I'm taking my skills on the road!


by Gazoo

submitted October 1st 2007

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fuck superman first
11 years ago
That's definitely something to brag about.
11 years ago
The things Ben Affleck will try to do to impress since being dumped by Jennifer Lopez...
11 years ago
Why did god deal the giant horsecocks to retards like this?
11 years ago
because hes silly like that
11 years ago
is he aiming for his mouth?
11 years ago
Nah, he's just another mouthbreather.
11 years ago
He's giving himself a facial...I bet he was looking in the mirror while jerking off oO
11 years ago
I didn't need to watch this. Actually no one needed to see this, especially in slow mo.
11 years ago
3x not that I was looking....
11 years ago
Up. Up, and Away! OH MY FUCKING GOD MY EYE!!!!!
11 years ago
Chris Hansen: "I have the chat log right here. You said, "why don't I come over, I can show you how to take a cock up the ass, complete with Dirty Sanchez finale."
Then you sent her this video of yourself, shooting the mule juice in your own face. Did you think a 98 year old blind woman needed a self inflicting facial cum video?"

Little Billy: "Cum shot video, but I sent her my pink sock & genital mutilation compilation video, wtf!"
11 years ago
he seem familiar.
11 years ago

1) I can't believe I watched this whole video.

2) He's no Peter North


3) I did this once on accident while fucking my now ex-gf. She was on top of me and when I went to cum she jumped off of me, and I blasted myself right in between my nose and uppper lip. Was pretty gross, but funny as hell.
11 years ago
i did this once but not on purpose.. i was just getting in a morning fap before i hit the shower and sinc ei wa slaying on my back i got maximum distance.. and yeah...

it burns the eyes...
11 years ago
mondays suck
11 years ago
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