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Black Pantyhose

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by drinksonme

submitted September 27th 2007

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nope not first
10 years ago
silly nigger
10 years ago
Damn, I dont believe Ive seen such fiiine guitar work in my entire life...
10 years ago
Now that's talent, if I've ever seen it.
10 years ago
Maury is a silly nigger in denial.
10 years ago
10 years ago
It's a good thing they have different instruments otherwise you couldn't tell them apart. Jane Goodall would be so proud.
10 years ago
*Fishnet*....*Black Pantyhose*...ya...I'm groovin' with it!
10 years ago
Fucking 80's
10 years ago
But the black man can lay down a smooooth bass line and beat.
10 years ago
The guy on bass is bill cosby and he quit being black years ago
10 years ago
hey!..wait a minute!..they are not playing their instruments!..they are finger synching, and not doing a very good job!..they suck!...
10 years ago
Hoogie Boogie land and these dudes need to do a compilation album.
10 years ago
That drummers good
4 years ago
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