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Goalie Fight!

Pre-season antics between the Rangers and Islanders. Al Montoya skates all the way down the ice to get pwned by DiPietro. DP! DP! DP! (what an embarrassing nickname btw) Perhaps later in the season DP will fight Ray Emery. That would be a little less one-sided.


by hector_cotylus

submitted September 25th 2007

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11 years ago
yes,hockey is back!!!
11 years ago
what a shitty fight
11 years ago
Yeah... I still don't see the appeal of fighting on ice skates whilst wearing padding... kinda fruity man.
11 years ago
Is Ice Hockey all about players having a fight?
11 years ago
hockey is by far the fastest, most dangerous game in major sports. And they fight too.
11 years ago
It's weird but for some reason the British don't get hockey. Just like North Americans cant really embrace soccer
11 years ago
I saw the Coventry Blades a couple of times last year. The fans seemed to be either kids or nerds. Very, very strange.
11 years ago
I like hockey and I like hockey fights but I never really understood the whole goalie on goalie thing. I mean these guys don't really interact in any way. It makes no sense. However I'm all for it
11 years ago
I think the goalies just felt left out.
11 years ago
This is what makes hockey the greatest spot ever.

I like how uncertain they are with the fighting. It's like one of those special nights when you are with a female friend that you're not really attracted to, but you are both lonely and a little drunk. You question, do we really want to do this? Well, I'll take my shirt off, you do the same, and we'll see. Ok, ok, this is working... let's get it done...
11 years ago
Then halfway through you realize it's a terrible idea and you loose your erection, but she doesn't notice because she's already asleep.
11 years ago
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