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Christian Exploitation Trailers

"God wants you, we want you."


by UshutfaceNow

submitted September 25th 2007

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where's whunu when you need him
11 years ago
hmm having said that he's probably working for heartland productions
11 years ago
David Michael Whitman is a fag.
11 years ago
never heard of him before in alls me life.......and im pretty sure thats a good thing
11 years ago
Is that whunu's real name?
11 years ago
wow yak that new adult friend finder ad with the chick crawling around is pretty trippy
11 years ago
I need to unsee this.
11 years ago
Hail satan!
11 years ago
I thought he said "God wants you, me want you". Haha.
11 years ago
What did he mean by odd ball?
11 years ago
Man, that's something right out of Hoogie Boogie land!
Someone give these folks a hand!
11 years ago
That certian scene had Homosexuality written all over it. And I thought Christianity was against the Cornhole business?
11 years ago
There were at least 10 bitch slaps in this trailer. The 70's were cool as fuck.
11 years ago
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