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More Naked Geishas




by yak

submitted September 23rd 2007

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first muahahha
11 years ago
CUNT! Muahahha!
11 years ago
im back! Muhhahaha!
and fuck you Irish1
thats it
11 years ago
Yak san Arigatou Gozaimasu. :)
11 years ago
That girl @ 1:11 really enjoyed her tit squeeze.
11 years ago
i enjoyed too,
you enjoyed too,
Yak enjoyed too
every one did
(sorry deja!)
11 years ago
Shut the fuck up, his dick is like 3 inches long, they are so fucking annoying.
11 years ago
Yeah I found it more annoying than anything.
11 years ago
apparently they even get off when he's touching himself and not them at all. i wish i had those powers.
11 years ago
Looks like Jap men really havnt got a clue when it comes to chowing down on the front bum either.
11 years ago
wow that japs packin'!

no wonder theyre moaning even when they arent getting touched...
11 years ago
Makes me want to go down to the buffet and just smack them bitches.
11 years ago
that dude looks like kenny blankenship from mxc
11 years ago
It sounded more like they were crying out of pain than out of pleasure.
11 years ago
that whinnying is annoying
11 years ago
That's why I want to smack a bitch.
11 years ago
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