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chad vader 4

part 4


by Gigalow

submitted September 17th 2007

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Enough with the fucken chad vaders, First..
11 years ago
wtf is this crap....
11 years ago
LOL,got some real bad news,i turned in 8 of them BWA HAHAHAHA
11 years ago
Sweet! Chad Vader kicks asssssss!!!!!
11 years ago
Seriously .....
11 years ago
Sweet. This vid only plays up to 1:40. Nice.
11 years ago
This is like really good comedy, but without the laughs.
11 years ago
i hope this would be the last of gay lame vadar, why is this even posted , just gay hank and his gay friends that like this shit.
11 years ago
It's just gay Hank cos nobody else has admitted to liking this as much has Hank does
11 years ago
I'm not the only one. dik likes it too.

Sorry dik, they dragged it out of me.
11 years ago
fucking die already...

it wasnt funny the first time what makes you think itll be funny the 4th time?
11 years ago
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