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funny musical i found


by zippersuitedsungod

submitted September 10th 2007

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disney's "the Little Mermaid" rip-off? Me thinks. I like it tho...lol
10 years ago
yeah, fairly good. a little long though
10 years ago
Awsome.. this is a really great animation. im definately looking for more form these guys. and its a great change of pace from all the shit and piss vids.
10 years ago
hell yeah this cartoon Pwns
10 years ago
Haha that rocked. We need more like this.
10 years ago
not too bad... for PONY
10 years ago
Must be MTV
10 years ago
its from a site called lfgcomic.com they have others plus a twisted comic. thought people would like a change of pace from people shitting on each other
10 years ago
If anyone lieks these kind of fantasy/action comics check out goblinscomic.com
10 years ago
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