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by TheWhiteMan

submitted September 6th 2007

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First.. sorry I can't help it. Really i cant.
11 years ago
Is that you in the avatar sucking that big black cock?
11 years ago
Nope thats actually your future wife. Im happy for the both of you.
11 years ago
ii've been out for hours & am quite pissed. just want to tell you all that this is my favorite site in the world and i love you all except bicjofelix cos he's a twat. mucho love y'all
11 years ago
ha ha haaa, look at his tash! what a fuckin homo
11 years ago
oh god, what a twat. apologies to all.
11 years ago
You got some of the funnier clips? I liked the one where they find a van with fake money and they think it's real..lol.
11 years ago
Hmmm, what's the phrase I'm looking for? Oh, right...

11 years ago
Yak I can't see this crappy video dammit!
11 years ago
Is this shit for real?
11 years ago
i've missed ya buddy
11 years ago
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