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Robs Vag

Your vagina is blowin up!


by TheWhiteMan

submitted September 6th 2007

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First to say repost.
11 years ago
First to say this bit from the show was lame.
11 years ago
The agent was pretty good.
11 years ago
If you say a manGINA joke was funny... OK, I will believe you, but only because I'm not homophobic. Good work, Antonio.
11 years ago
Thanks...I'll let you know if I ever say a manGINA joke is funny...
11 years ago
Too late... apparently.

I'm not big on showing another's error, I'd appreciate you not contesting your obvious statement. Don't type it if you don't wish to, but it's not erasable....
11 years ago
The agent is hilarious. Everything I've seen or heard him in anyways, Reno 911!, Grandma's Boy, Adam Sandler's Gay Robot...
11 years ago
yeah, his name is Nick Swardson and he is one funny mutherfucker. So fuck off all you haters. Go suck a aids infected dick.
11 years ago
That whole skit was a vagina.
11 years ago
Human Giant is funny. So fuck off. Fucking no humor, douchebag scumfucks.
11 years ago
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