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Pamela Anderson sex tape


More naked Pamela Anderson. Borat would approve.


by clyde2

submitted August 3rd 2007

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I've seen this diseased jizz trap's sex tape plenty of times, and yet I felt compelled to watch it again. What's wrong with me?
11 years ago
Blue Balls?
11 years ago
Now that you mention it...
11 years ago
You know, this is actually the first time I've seen it.
11 years ago
i had never seen it either
11 years ago
I've only seen select parts of the blowjob scene...I'd rather fuck Elena on the right here -->
11 years ago
This was missing the best parts too (blowjobs).
11 years ago
Penis of an Arabian stallion, brain os a tree frog.
11 years ago
11 years ago
pretty small for a stallion....but then again you said arab
11 years ago
Quick draw knows, being a horse cock expert and all.
11 years ago
Hell, Roland is apparently an expert, too.
11 years ago
I grew up around horses and once you see one casually strolling around with boner half as long as it's body, thats kinda tough to un-see.
11 years ago
I'm glad she's taking pictures of her boyfriends cock to show the kids later how lucky she is, what a thoughtful mother.
11 years ago
Naw, she's taking them for when she has to show her kids where she got her STI's...man this video blows
11 years ago
You'd think with all her money she could afford a decent camera. Also-she's a right scrubber....
11 years ago
the camera was fine it was the doofus holding it...
10 years ago
I can think of 50 other chicks I'd rather do than her...
11 years ago
4 years ago
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