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Fat Guy Nation: Celebrity Fat Club

The Fat Guys take an underweight Penthouse model Charlie Laine and force her to eat! Just as Richard Simmons takes morbidly obese, 1000 pound men and gets them to lose weight, we take morbidly thin models and make them GAIN weight!


by dickparsons

submitted July 18th 2007

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I hope Richard wasn't talking to me.
11 years ago
If you got a dick, he was talking to you.
11 years ago
Did she die???!!!
11 years ago
youre a fuckin dumbass
11 years ago
hotshot shut up. by the way your gay is showing might want to cover that up
11 years ago
I'll fill her up!
11 years ago
I don't understand why the US has such an obesity problem, the look of most American food would be enough to make people stay thin.
11 years ago
It's the fact that many Americans are stupid, lazy bastards who eat too much MacDonalds.
11 years ago
mmmmmmmmm mcdonalds
11 years ago
Mmmm, XXX Burger....
11 years ago
it probably helps that most of us dont walk to where we need go.
11 years ago
That reminds me, I should really fix my bike and go for a ride.
11 years ago
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