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50,000 Bottle Rockets in 5 Seconds.

Thats quite an impressive bunch of explosions... too bad it only lasted 5 seconds ;)


by yak

submitted July 9th 2007

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no bigger then when i shit
11 years ago
that's because you have a big loose asshole. That's why I left you....
11 years ago
"Damn Skeeter, that was a mighty big one"

"You got that right Jeb"

Thus the ending of the video, thank you for watching and keep watching the sky's!
11 years ago
Humans will never be satisfied.
11 years ago
That was pretty cool
11 years ago
wow what a fucking waste of time and money when i can have more fun watching pipe bombs blow cans of gasoline up
11 years ago
or cherrybombs inside frogs
11 years ago
Or porn.
11 years ago
That just burnt a hole in the atmosphere.
11 years ago
dont worry al gore will fix it with movies
11 years ago
What's next? Detonating 50,000 lbs. of enriched uranium? Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing that... from the safety of my home...
11 years ago
youd have 2 days to .3 seconds to enjoy it, depending on were they detonated it
11 years ago
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