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Geese Parade

i don't know how they did it.


by Victorious

submitted June 25th 2007

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It's the "Goose-tapo".
11 years ago
Yeah, those men are on their way to the trains
11 years ago
where d' ye think they got th' name "goosestepping"? ...fer real.
11 years ago
cute parade... sign 'em up fer th' 4th/July.
11 years ago
if they can train them to walk in line.. then they can train them to attack a unsuspecting little kid.
11 years ago
No wonder pot is abundant there, sources of entertainment appear to be at a premium in the Low Countries.
11 years ago
where is pot abundant?
11 years ago
pot is abundant everywhere i can think of...except when the guy that u usually get it off fucks up then u have to make 15 fuckin phone calls..and wait 3 hours
11 years ago
It's not abudnant in Japan.
11 years ago
it's abundant in the low countries. as cotb said.
11 years ago
If I remember, there's a hotel somewhere in Florida that has something pretty similar.
11 years ago
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