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What is it with blacks and their fried chicken?


by El_Wanko

submitted June 18th 2007

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McChicken heads?
DUDE, that is an entirely new product line!

McHead... oh, i think that would be something different...
11 years ago
dont argue,,,meat as meat!
11 years ago
In China that is normal food... seriously...
11 years ago
News people are so laaaaaaame at banter. Where's Ron Burgundy when you need him?
11 years ago
well they can't talk normally, F-bombs would be appearing all the time..and the FDA would be on their asses like flies to shit
11 years ago
Yeah when the media gets out of control you put the phone down on the FCC, pick it up again and call the FDA. And if they say "cunt", it's an automatic case for the FAA.
11 years ago
i bet as soon as the news cameras rolled off, she ate it anyway.
11 years ago
of course she did, shes black. they cant spare any food
11 years ago
I'm sure it's a step or two up from fried pig's tongue.
11 years ago
Komo 4? El_Wanko is in Seattle. I remember seeing this story, though. "Chicken MacNoggin"
11 years ago
Actually I think I'm pretty near Yak right now. I came up to do an MBA a few years ago and haven't left town since.
11 years ago
at least it's evidence they use chicken meat
11 years ago
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