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mucho anthem

Nordberg killed for our sins........


by borracho5000

submitted June 15th 2007

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Back when OJ wasn't a criminal. Simpler times
11 years ago
I have a better song... I'm just having trouble finding a clip of it.
11 years ago
Besame,Besame MUCHO...MUCHO ..!..
11 years ago
Hmm kiss me...kiss me a lot?? thats strange
11 years ago
lol yeah it really has nothing to do with an athem i just wanted to post the video, and ive got a tshirt i made that says "norberg killed for our sins" so well um.....tada!
11 years ago
11 years ago
I enjoy the idea of the shirt...as I want a shirt of Buffalo Bill from silence of the lambs doing the tuck...that would be the best shirt ever
11 years ago
lol i like your style
11 years ago
ay lik'd th' lit'le ZZ TOP move, there.
11 years ago
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