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Doo Doo Full Edit

Behold the even-funnier second half ... of the second weirdest thing you've probably ever seen.

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by Synwolf

submitted June 15th 2007

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11 years ago
11 years ago
where is this from.
11 years ago
this show is even more amazing after a joint.
11 years ago
I'd need ten.
11 years ago
Most deserving of a bullet to the head.
11 years ago
Hahahha maybe its ipod worthy??
11 years ago
why... why did i watch and why did i laugh?
11 years ago
because it's funny as hell.
11 years ago
is this from super deluxe or something? I see the [as] logo down there, but the only things I watch on that are futurama, family guy, robot chicken, and athf. and shin chan and metalocalypse when they're on
11 years ago
yeah it's on sundays. tim and eric awesome show [good job!]
11 years ago
Tim and Eric Awesome show, Great Job!
The guys behind Tom Goes to the Mayor.
11 years ago
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