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Pig porks goat.

"it's not wrong if you watch them, only if you join!!"


by Victorious

submitted June 13th 2007

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Pig porks goat.
muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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11 years ago
asian classroom.
11 years ago
Here cums Porky, Porky Pig!
11 years ago
That'll do pig
11 years ago
Porky the pig was tired of porking the pigs.
He thought, "I'm porking the piss out of the pigs." And, 'piss all' is pushing them to pound me." He pursued Peter the peppered old pappy goat.
"Pepper" he said.
" Pound me profusely, please."

Pepper prepared to ponder the pleasure he could proclaim by pounding the pulp out of porky ...
It would be positively pleasurable...
So, Pepper pounded the porking piss out of porky's poor poop pooter.....
11 years ago
bty, Bull was the inspiration for that^^^
11 years ago
Jesus Christ, man... High five!
11 years ago
i too have a poop pooter?
11 years ago
Goat:"are you already in? im not feelin' it!"
Pig:"hnng ..fuck, this is hard.. hnnnnngg! almost there..!"
11 years ago
I would fuck that little girl...and I bet she would like it.
11 years ago
ya i'd fuk her too....after i beat her though
11 years ago
Oh Yaaaaaaa! Oh Paaaaapi!
11 years ago
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