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Fox News even more better with added electrolytes?


by borracho5000

submitted June 11th 2007

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I just watched Idiocracy today, ironic that this came up.. not that it isn't completely out of context anyways.
11 years ago
how fukd?
11 years ago
Republicans failed to notice that Stephen Colbert was parody, expect a similar reaction to this clip.
11 years ago
oh sorry, I forgot, God Bless America, and, fuck liberals. :)
11 years ago
emPHAsis on the right syLLAble
11 years ago
Um, what?
11 years ago
have you seen idiocracy? i had to post something from the moive. its from mike judge. i give it 4 out of 4 aborted babies.
11 years ago
its um.. not so great of a movie
the premise is hilarious, but the execution was mediocre in my opinion. its worth a watch if you are bored tho.. just don't expect it to be as funny as office space (at least thats my take on it).
basically the plot is this, guy gets frozen for a military experiment and of course the project gets scrapped, and forgot about.. he gets unfrozen in the future where the world has continued its fall of intelligence, so that basically everyone is a complete moron. (imagine basically if fox news was the main form of education for the world), so basically everyone loves wrestling, crash up derbys, monster trucks american gladiators etc (i bet our site would be popular at least! :P )
anyway.. it sounds better then it was ;/
11 years ago
yeah, it was a rather lame movie..
11 years ago
monster trucks are cool man
11 years ago
11 years ago
still say its better than 80% of the crap that gets put out by hollywood. id rather see this anyday over another waynes brothers movie. or god forbid that awful sandler longest yard remake....shudder......
11 years ago
Hey, there is nothing wrong with liking wrestling, demolition derbies, monster trucks or American Gladiators (Yay, vintage 80's cheesy TV!!!). It's when you actually think it's real, smart, important or worthwhile (respectively) that there's a problem.
11 years ago
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