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the real bizzaro claus

if you thought the bizzaro claus video was weird


by junebugg

submitted June 8th 2007

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What the fuck? Waste of a post?
11 years ago
the little fuckers are now old people who preach about how fucked up current entertainment is. what a bunch of sick little beasts.
11 years ago
"Jigaboo, jigaboo, jigaboo!"

They should show Punch and Judy every night on TV. It can't be any worse than most of the shit that's on.
11 years ago
Punch & Judy. Domestic violence in puppet form.
11 years ago
Something about this made me want to slice my gums up with broken glass and pull my teeth out with pliers. Although I could just be having another episode and it's a coincidence that this is what I was watching.
11 years ago
thats all fucked up
11 years ago
wasnt this one on the air for some months ago?
11 years ago
I got nothing out of that.
11 years ago
its not really that fucked up, its no different from a looney tunes episode.
11 years ago
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