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Sequel to The Ring

Probably the scarriest video clip you will EVER see.


by yak

submitted June 5th 2007

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hahaha not FIRST!
11 years ago
alas, you were first
11 years ago
that was totally fake. too many fish in such a tiny bowl.
11 years ago
hungry piano, must be grand to eat a nubile young asian
11 years ago
yeah well she was just looking for treble
the writing "staff" is terrible though
too much "violins"
we really gotta get to the "bass" of the problem
i think the asians are only good at "orchestrating" pooping and fun cartoons
anyone like... "music"?
fun thing to do
if people are making puns
say something that isnt a pun but is still on the subject
and pretend it is a pun
11 years ago
11 years ago
y did the piano eat that lady?
11 years ago
because it's evil... duh!
11 years ago
that was such horrible greenscreen*

*ok, technically it was blue, but same concept, it sucked.
11 years ago
That was awesome, what is it called?
11 years ago
It's from a pretty a very obscure movie from 1977 called House or Hausu. I love how the IMDB link shows "piano" as a tag. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076162/

I got this movie but I don't have any subtitles for it, so I've never watched it, just skimmed through the weirdness.
11 years ago
yeah, it's time for me to sleep.. should be "pretty obscure"
11 years ago
you guys don't understand the complexity and beauty of this masterpiece
11 years ago
I would hit them all
11 years ago
I pay large negros Big money to yank the hairs off my testicles!!....

I pa

11 years ago
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