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Scene on an Airplane

This is how you stop hijackings.


by El_Wanko

submitted May 27th 2007

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"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that there is no smoking while inside the aircraft. If you wish to smoke, there is a smoking section on our starboard wing. Enjoy your cigarette out there while we watch our in-flight movie, Gone with the Wind.
11 years ago
That was actually said on a flight I was on 7 or 8 years ago. The flight engineer did the whole speech as an impression of Scotty from Star Trek.
11 years ago
....."Ladies and gentlemen....coming to us tonight....all the way from left field.....SMERF!!!
11 years ago
Musta been SouthWest.
11 years ago
Re: smerfs post
FAKE! first.
11 years ago
i could only put up with the first two minutes of it..i'm sure the rest of it was lame too
11 years ago
Will Ferrell is not funny in everything... Prime example here.
11 years ago
Go back to whore island.
11 years ago
The Toby fuckwit is THE worst actor on the planet. Gee Spidermans over? I guess your out of a job until they need another retarded weak voiced shrimpy man.
11 years ago
Couldn't they hire you instead?
11 years ago
no, his schedule is full. those burrito supremes are not going to make themselves you know.
11 years ago
If you guys think this sucks, wait until you see what goes up tomorrow!
11 years ago
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