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A Room With A Moose

Watch your nuts.


by HankChinaski

submitted May 24th 2007

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invader zim was one of the coolest cartoons EVER. This clip is a TERRIBLE representation of the coolness of this show.
11 years ago
true, a few awesome episodes come to mind, Planet Jackers, and the one where Gir was fused with their fake house and wanted tacos. One of my favorites for being uber-creepy was the Harvest episode, where Zim filled up on all the kids' organs.
11 years ago
yaaa boiiii thats the shit
11 years ago
I still vote that they need a JTHM cartoon would be 10X better then IZ. but hey WHo dosnt love a homicidal teenager that kills for fun?
11 years ago
people actually watch that shit?looks fucking stupid
11 years ago
it is
11 years ago
this clip was taken from the third season, almost the entire season was done without Invader Zims creator, jhonen vasquez. he quit cuz he hated the show and these later episodes just soil his good name. that and that child molestation charge...
11 years ago
did he soil the children too?
11 years ago
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