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pulp Muppet's

Muppet's play pulp fiction Yaaaaa.


by Nogbad

submitted May 14th 2007

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wonder if eric stoltz is pissed that he didnt get a muppet head
11 years ago
Eric Stoltz has transcended the Muppet head.
11 years ago
I never laughed.
11 years ago
me neither.
11 years ago
why are you on ms?
11 years ago
why are you on MS?
11 years ago
why are both of you on MS?
11 years ago
boooooooooooooring! Stop submit dolls it sucks this is MS we dont want dolls.
11 years ago
yeah im king so i speak for all of us....no more dolls!!
11 years ago
The only one who speaks for me is Boss Nigger.
11 years ago
"..they call him Boss, Boss Nigger!"
11 years ago
wow, that was a lot worse than what I was hoping for. I guess I'm gonna go tear up all the muppets I see at Wal-Mart for seeing this...
11 years ago
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