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Russian Drug User 3

Pew Pew!~


by HankChinaski

submitted May 11th 2007

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Russian Drug User 3
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I prefer coffee in the morning, but to each his own, I guess.
10 years ago
i rally dont have against russians, but some of them are really low class, we have a russian neighbor here, i was smoking once and he asked for a cigarette, i gave him, tomorrow night he came to our house and asked me to lend him $20!?? i didnt know wat to say, gave him the $, he came back a couple of days later and asked for $10 this time and i was just amazed...i really dont want any trouble around my home or make an didot(probably addicted) enemy to me or my family, i didnt know if i have to give him $ or no, i gave him the cash but i told him if you come back here and knock our door, i will immediately call police or i will kick your sorry ass my self, get the money and get lost,
fortunately didnt see him any more, i hope he moved from here
10 years ago
10 years ago
hahah like the loch-ness monster from south park....that'll be about tree-fitty
10 years ago
ahahahah goddamn loch-ness monsta!
10 years ago
so... can i borrow $50?
10 years ago
So... Can you use the reply button?
10 years ago
i hear heroin under the foreskin or eyelids is better
10 years ago
prefer it in the eyebalss usually
10 years ago
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