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Russian Drug User 2

Pew Pew!~


by HankChinaski

submitted May 11th 2007

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Russian Drug User 2
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Mother is sure proud of her son..
11 years ago
See, it's possible to be a 30 year old loser living at home with your mother and not even have the internet.
11 years ago
oh, so you've been to this guy's mother's house and made sure they don't have a computer and an internet connection, huh? C'mon... think before you go blurting out assumptions, hank. That's how people get hurt.
11 years ago
I think he was referring to himself but good effort star, remember your special!!
11 years ago
Gstar, its pretty much a proven fact Russia doesn't have the internet. Al Gore hasn't invented it there yet.
11 years ago
Also, Gstar, when you had your display picture as that little Asian guy, I never knew his name and so now when I see him on TV I always think his name is Gstar.
11 years ago
it's the one from american idol i think
11 years ago
See, it's possible to be a 30 year old heroin addict living at home with your mother and still be cooler than Quick Draw.
11 years ago
11 years ago
i cooked you something special dear
11 years ago
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