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Do Not Dilute

Mr. Cleaver, I can't figure out what's causing these penis-blisters.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted May 10th 2007

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Do Not Dilute
not muchoworthyBono
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So what the fuck is wrong with turpentine and a toilet brush? I like a good scorched earth cunt cleansing.
11 years ago
My gal just jams a chlorine tab up her snatch. She's good for a week and a half. (keeps the toilet clean too)
11 years ago
Well with that special nozzle a bottle of Toilet Duck is simply tackling the problem at its source.
11 years ago
11 years ago
OH, that explains why all my underwear smells like a pool!
11 years ago
In that month's Esquire the counterpart add read:
"When my wife's cunt became too rancid, due to the abhorrent filthyness of her cursed sex, I encased her in ACME domestic containment webs until she learned to sanitize herself properly. No home should be without them!"
11 years ago
HAHAAHAH!!! man you made my day with that comment! thx!
11 years ago
Dependable Uniformity? I like that in a douche bag.
11 years ago
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