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Friggin' artsy party

Funny commercial. Even if you hate it, it's only thirty seconds so fuck off.


by El_Wanko

submitted May 4th 2007

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In Mexico the bathrooms I went into have this long trough along the bottom of the bathroom wall and theres a trickle of water flowing down it. You just kinda pick a spot to stand at and let it flow, trying to not soak your shoes or the shoes of the native standing uncomfortably close to you.
11 years ago
who cares?
11 years ago
The end of the trough leads in to the Corona plant, just thought you needed to know.
11 years ago
He should have just pissed in that plant.
11 years ago
The person at the end made me chuckle.
11 years ago
Gay. Fuck you for wasting everyone's time with this crap!!!!
11 years ago
I liked it. That was a chick at the end wasnt it?
11 years ago
I think it was troutpotato.
11 years ago
Yeah, ain't I hot?
11 years ago
uhhh yeah. Spongebob did this like 2 years ago and it was way funnier.
11 years ago
This commerical is ancient. I was in school in Canada when it aired. Spongebob steals his ideas from insurance company commercials.
11 years ago
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