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Hand Nail

Some moron decides to get a nail through his hand.


by yak

submitted April 29th 2007

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not a big deal... not much different than getting one's tongue pierced, except it's less gay.
11 years ago
so true
way to hit the nail on the head
11 years ago
eh... white boys with nothing else to do.. what do you expect.
11 years ago
fucking dumbass
11 years ago
as soon as th' guy said, "they can't say that's fake", FIRST thing ay expect'd t' see, when ay look'd down here, - of course - was "FAKE!".
all ay can say is... ow. (aye, dumbass.)
11 years ago
me too. but i figured somebody else would do it....story of my life
11 years ago
11 years ago
Agreed, FAKE!!!
11 years ago
11 years ago
"How's it feel?"
"It's kinda hurts."
No shit.
11 years ago
I think that's kinda tough.
But it's for all the wrong reasons.
Would you have done that when you were 13 yrs old? Or when you turn 13?
I guess they got what they wanted: It's on the net.
Next up: Lion taming....
11 years ago
All that work, all that pain, and I bet you those guys still can't get laid. Now he went and fucked up his fap hand. What a shame.
11 years ago
so black guys fight and white guys nail their hands to things..why are we all so different?
11 years ago
"FUCK YEAH BABY!!" yeah sounds like a typical white guy
11 years ago
I hope that moron got a tetanus shot.
11 years ago
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