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Rent a Wife

For all you married folks out there, this service might be of some use to you :P


by yak

submitted April 22nd 2007

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Kinda funny.
11 years ago
you're fucking retarded
11 years ago
yah man, dat wuz phunnie
11 years ago
A better description would have been to remind people who are married to delete MS from their history. Might help them stay married longer.
11 years ago
Anyone who is married or living with someone should just asume that whatever they do is being monitored and act accordingly.
11 years ago
Anyone who is married should just move on to another video, and not read this comments, before the dam in their minds breaks down and their small happy town of self-deluded happiness is flooded by the cold waters of regret.
11 years ago
Anyone who is married or living with someone should learn how to use a fucking password on their computer.
11 years ago
I gotta admit, I was a bit confused at seeing 2 wife rentals, but I could see this being as successful as Netflix.
11 years ago
"keep her as long as you want. no late fees!"
11 years ago
The French are awesome
11 years ago
Shhhhh! You're going to piss off all the right-, err I mean wrong-wingers.
11 years ago
I highly endorse this product or service
11 years ago
recover password
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