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High Voltage Worker

No they don't die or anything, just they have to be pretty fucking crazy to do this job..


by yak

submitted April 22nd 2007

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Linesmen electricians have a higher cancer rate than any other occupation. At least that's what we were taught in apprenticeship school. So, I'd be scared of that too if I were him. Though he sounds pretty old already. /shrug
11 years ago
Fuck that shit. I'd be shitting bricks.
11 years ago
the comment at the end was classic though..hehe.
11 years ago
BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRING. Skipped through it but never saw him light up.
11 years ago
That looks like a super cool job to have.
11 years ago
11 years ago
I'm sure the illustrious NLRB is working on how to ensure these people make no more than $6 per hour.
11 years ago
why do you always have to bitch about something?
11 years ago
That whole time i didnt actually get to see what he was doing. Whatever it was it was most likely really dangerous.
11 years ago
that dude prolly gets paid like 100 bucks an hour
11 years ago
I rather be a director and earn 10x more by eating dinner all the time.
11 years ago
what a fucking luuser i hope that he dies
11 years ago
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