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Reporter Owns Herself

At least she wears a helmet.


by yak

submitted April 22nd 2007

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Stupid people and motorcycles don't mix.
11 years ago
hahah stupid bitch. listen when she laughs in the end. real convincing
11 years ago
she wouldn't have been laughing if a semi came outta nowhere at the end.
11 years ago
if i was that guy she hit i would probly knock her out( fucking dumb blonde )
11 years ago
>Stupid people and motorcycles don't mix.

Exactly. That's why I invented motorbikes.
11 years ago
My buddy did the same thing. He was used to riding a little Yamaha80cc. Then he jumped onto my 600. He went strait out the driveway, across the street and into a giant Cat Claw bush. I then yelled and asked if my bike was ok...
Don't worry, the bike was fine.
11 years ago
the bald guy seemed way more concerned with the well-being of the bike.
11 years ago
he probably owned the bike
11 years ago
"And that's why you wear the helmet."
Shouldn't you buckle it up as well, though?
11 years ago
Not when your as cool and suave as that bitch...
11 years ago
nor should you actually strap the helmet to your head.
11 years ago
and thats it...
instant retard.
11 years ago
ahaha, i love how that fat dude at 0:25 grabs on to the handlebars like: "Take that bitch!".
11 years ago
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