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Mona Lisa in MS Paint

Why why why...


by yak

submitted April 21st 2007

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thats pretty damn sick.. although i dont see the practicality of being able to use ms paint so skillfully. id like to see it in photoshop... or flash.. atleast then the guy or guys can get jobs doing backgrounds or something for movies and cartoons.
11 years ago
MS Paint is actually a very powerful image editor. There's lots of functions people aren't aware of.
11 years ago
yeah.. like the 256colors :(
11 years ago
i hope you're being sarcastic BKY, or am i one that isn't aware of its 'powerful image editing functions'?
11 years ago
Mona Lisa at 72 dpi = worthless.
11 years ago
The thumbnail looks like a hitler with long hair.
11 years ago
i was thinking the same exact thing
11 years ago
Mad skillz, yo.
11 years ago
Looks like Mona just got a Dirty DaVinci.
11 years ago
I wondered maybe if this video was done backwards.... But that might not be possible. Like he copied and pasted the picture in paint first then just kind of backwards traced....
11 years ago
That's pretty awesome!

Uhhh... guys... you can see him picking colors, tools, etc... why would he need to pick different colors if he 'traced' backwards?
11 years ago
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