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Drunk Jock turned EMO...LOL

So some douche lost a free game of beer pong...talked some shit, and a fight broke out...just to have this guy trash his boy's apartment and then cut himself like an emo kid's arm


by Anonymous

submitted April 17th 2007

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I been to parties like this. I think. Hard to remember back then... so long ago... hello squirrel!
11 years ago
11 years ago
What I'm puzzled about is why two people decided to spy on the whole thing through some blinds.
11 years ago
well for the fact there was a fight outside i think they could hear it
11 years ago
Seriously these fuckers were walking around trying to find a window with a naked chick inside. Then they were like oh well here's some sausage swingin in here let's get some of this! Maybe if we make some noise they'll come out here and knock us out and rape us! High five!
11 years ago
^ ummmmmmmm
11 years ago
Teehee...haha fags are funny when they get angry.
11 years ago
id kill them at beer pong..
11 years ago
He just wanted to show how strong he was by punching and breaking a window...cause he's soo buff
11 years ago
when drinking ends like this, its time to hang it up cause you are no longer good at it.
11 years ago
doesnt this have something to do with that kid that was drunk, punched a window, severed a main artery and later died?
11 years ago
Probably not, but that thought makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!
11 years ago
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