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Burger King Sex Tape

Sex tape allegedly featuring the creepy BK mascot has leaked onto the internet.


by Anonymous

submitted April 11th 2007

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LOL!! That is funny as hell. Hold the pickle. Get it? har har har har. Pickle. Like a dick. The pickle is slang for a dick. So when he says hold the pickle, its like a gay guy holding a dick. And hold the pickle is something you might hear at Burger King. So thats why its funny.
11 years ago
you are maybe the coolest person ever on the internet
11 years ago
he's giving him the whopper,his way
11 years ago
this movie reminds me of morph and how much i hate him
11 years ago
aww dont get mad... plenty of girls like getting facials from me i said i was sorry that it got in your eye. dont cry.
11 years ago
fucking gay ads like this are sad and fucking suck!
11 years ago
Big fastfood corp cant make good burgers, they best burgers is from thoose small private companies.
11 years ago
i saw ravenstake...i instinctually knew it was gonna suck..i was right
11 years ago
The other one is funnier.
11 years ago
thats the burger king dude? i thought it was V
11 years ago
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