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Blonde, Park BJ




by Mustang51PNA

submitted April 7th 2007

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11 years ago

nope, just a bj.

but is there a reason in was so easily distracted by her neon green-yellow fingernails?
i guess i have ADD.
11 years ago
Eh.. ive seen/posted better but hey beggers cant be choosey right?
11 years ago
lol...thats my sister
11 years ago
so yeah
remember when there was the coke machine hack thing that you kept talking about for like a week after you found out it didnt work
the top one is pepsi machines
the bottom one is coke
11 years ago
I just fingered my sister nad now she's pergent...
11 years ago
*and ...ha ha and Im drunk on loooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee I got a lot of love to give
11 years ago
man at first i thought i missed the money shot and i was like damnit
but then there was the slow=motion black and white instant replay
thank god
fucking useless
11 years ago
Thats Public Invasion for you , trying to make it look "arty" with the black and whits shot
11 years ago
That my good boys and girls, is a great cocksucking, bravo
11 years ago
I have never met a BJ I didn't like.
11 years ago
your mother must do a good job then
11 years ago
She's young, and she's smart to practice on smaller sizes before she tackles the real thing.
11 years ago
And there was me thinking that's a big dick to be chomping on.
11 years ago
She's helping her daughter get into a private school...and that pecker looks like a ball park frank that was put in a microwave...
11 years ago
And there goes my little theory that only gays wear thumb rings. Guess he thought she was a little boy - else the titties would have been out!
11 years ago
Pretty good technique. -She looks like a young, make-upless JJ.
11 years ago
yum cum gimme sum!
11 years ago
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