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Whale Of A Protester

No thank you I'll keep the bush we have now.


by Mustang51PNA

submitted April 6th 2007

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Whale Of A Protester
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hallelujah, im first!!!
11 years ago
I'd rather not see that bush.. ever..
11 years ago
"Airbrush" and "Face" are right there, yet nobody bothered to apply them to this walking tumor.
11 years ago
Is it my imagination or does she have a cyclist growing out of her back?
11 years ago
Nah, you're seeing just fine. Her backfat loves to cycle.
11 years ago
"Quaid!...Start the reactor"
11 years ago
Stole my line you fucking total recall bitch!
11 years ago
11 years ago
no pun for her
she's just plain unattractive
11 years ago
not gonna lie
i flat out dont like ugly people
never have
dont think i ever will
she honestly reminds me of a cow
no joke
so yeah
im done im gonna moo-ve away from the computer now
fuck yes
only missed one pun
night everyone
11 years ago
OMG, I'm so thankful that she covered her nipples.. because that would be FAR too much skin showing... *vomit*
11 years ago
OK OK, Republicans win.
11 years ago
Yeah, no shit. What sort of good does she think she's doing with this? It least PETA picks reasonably hot sluts to strip for their ridiculous campaigns.
11 years ago
I hope they find the gangastas that spray painted this cow.
11 years ago
I rather fap to my grandmother corpe then see you bush. *tjong* first wine bottle finish.
11 years ago
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