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Pi Rap

Straight outta Clayton! Well, Pi day was just a few days ago, right?


by Archman

submitted March 17th 2007

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Well, it's sad to think i only dropped out two years ago, but to see that new trend of shaggy/mismanaged/afro hair taking off like it has makes me fucking subliminalvomit. Do you think it has more to say about your depth than a crew cut? Sure, I guess I enjoyed your video. Suburbanites rapping, it's funny, because they're not black, ha-ha. But suburbia was something different when i knew it. It was about hating kids like you, hating our parents, hating school. My hair looks like that, but only because I hardly bathe. I have issues with those days I need to resolve, yes, but I'd rather sit here in my boxers and enjoy a quality midnight session of MS, stoned. I don't have to worry about whether i'll have enough for a pack of cigarettes tommorow. :P

11 years ago
i bet you love that movie "pump up the volume" i didn't start hating my parents til i was 25
11 years ago
Kids like you?
11 years ago
I LOVE THE JEW-FRO! it makes him soo damn sexy.
11 years ago
No Morph, you are supposed to lower your I.Q. to about room temp and say "I'd hit it." God that's old.
11 years ago
I just hope this video's around in another 10 years. There'll likely be three more suicides. Considering the number of rappers, they should have used a dwarf to represent the .14159
11 years ago
..wow. that was retarded
11 years ago
Well, it looks like they had fun.
11 years ago
Should have been called "Preserving our Virginity"
11 years ago
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