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Banana Saw

This would have worked so much better.


by Babies Kill You

submitted March 7th 2007

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Great...now im gonna have that song stuck in my head for the day
10 years ago
That would be much better if it was about 5 minutes shorter.
10 years ago
A movie is not more enjoyable because it's shorter, just because you have the attention span of a chipmunk's testicle.
10 years ago
Baaahaaahaa! I would have preferred "Tiny Bubbles" But that was pretty funny too.
10 years ago
Raffi is fucking awesome
10 years ago
oh yeah...its in the head now...
10 years ago
Haha! I just gotta have a bananular phone!
10 years ago
fucking retarded
10 years ago
hahahaha BANANA PHONE! that was great
10 years ago
and here i thought they were going to edit in bananas for those dull saws
10 years ago
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