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Cool Coke Commercial

You don't really see many creative commercials on television anymore. As I write this description, the "head on apply directly to the head" commercial comes on to remind me ;/


by yak

submitted March 1st 2007

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Didn't someone else do this with a beer commercial?
11 years ago
Yeah, copied the idea from the Budweiser soccer commercials. Note to advertising agencies_ be original please.
11 years ago
Did Muchosucko just become SUCK MY ASSO ? It's been on TV for about 2 months.
11 years ago
Indeed. This commercials been on for at least two years. Suck my asso.
11 years ago
Well, kinda creative, but I've seen MUCH better uses with a large mass of people.
11 years ago
Yes, like roman style orgies
11 years ago
Yeah, let's see if I can be annoying...
Head-On, Apply to the forehead,
Head-On, Apply to the forehead,Head-On, Apply to the forehead,Head-On, Apply to the forehead,Head-On, Apply to the forehead,Head-On, Apply to the forehead,
11 years ago
oh, jeez, I forgot to put "directly", that made it just that much more annoying...
11 years ago
Congratulations after I read "let's see if I can be annoying" I thought naaah old Wario doesn’t have it in him....little did I know, by the time I finished I was furious.
11 years ago
Steel Toecap Boot on, Apply to the forehead...
11 years ago
The other mass cola commercial was better. this one suck in comparison.
11 years ago
I thought they were making a really big cocaine line.
11 years ago
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