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Live Reporter Crashes ATV And Freaks Out

Live TV is great


by Stephen

submitted February 19th 2007

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this happens all over the world, all ages and genders! they panick and twist the throttle even harder! lolol
11 years ago
The only reason to watch the news anymore is for the awkward live mistakes and fuck ups like these.
11 years ago
Only way that could've been better is if there was a naked shit covered asian chick streaking by in flames and perforated with GSW's.
11 years ago
wow, for a second there, I thought when she smacked that ATV, she caused that huge fire they were reporting a little later.
11 years ago
Yeah, I love that cut. Makes the fireball look like the aftermath of her crash. hahahahhha
11 years ago
Yeah, that's right: MORE GAS! is what you need when you start getting into trouble with a motor vehicle.
11 years ago
she didnt even freak out, she was laughing.
11 years ago
shelbyville, that's the town next to springfield in the simpsons.
11 years ago
11 years ago
11 years ago
The first few seconds was funny. Followed by a couple minutes of pointlessness.
11 years ago
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