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howard stern

Beetlejuice vs Gary the Retard


by dugdug44

submitted February 13th 2007

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Howard stern is an overated Jackass
11 years ago
hes a radio jock with a hair stylist,plus hes a over the hill hack artist
11 years ago
hmm beetlejujice has changed since i've seen the movie. when his head shrunk i didn't think he'd get this stupid.
11 years ago
I've seen the exorcist 134 times and it keeps get'n funnier every time I see it.
11 years ago
Come on American MuchoSuckers, tell us that the contestants are English because they have bad teeth.
11 years ago
Ten minutes of my life gone! Are we meant to believe that people can be that stupid? The only real bit of stupidity was the caller who thought it was funny. Unless he was fake too!
11 years ago
Isn't beetlejuice in a video somewhere her eon MS?
11 years ago
yeah he was fucking that crackhead.
11 years ago
that was one of the funniest things ive ever seen
11 years ago
this is to fucking far, thats fuckin mean
11 years ago
O & A PARTY ROCK! oh and Frrrrruuuuunnkiisss
11 years ago
is this fake? i think theyre just playing dumber than they are for money and ratings...dumb enough to be manipulated.
11 years ago
wow is this REAL!?
10 years ago
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