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GG Allin..Crazy MoFo Piss drinking Madman

GWAR huh??GG Allin would have drank GWAR's piss and then thrown his own excrement on them..


by keefbox

submitted February 10th 2007

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GG Allin. I swear that guy would've been a serial killer if he wasn't a muso. When he died, his friends draw shit all over his body and totally desecrated his corpse. He was on Jerry Springer too. THE MOST FUCKED MUSO EVER TO EXIST. If anyone thinks that movie of ramstien is fucked up, read about this cunt...
11 years ago
whats a muso
11 years ago
From the video, I'm guessing a muso is a dumbass.
It's funny to watch others do it - but who really has the urge to drink piss? I mean... it's piss. It would be so disappointing to beat the fuck out of someone you hate, then piss on them, only to find they get off on it.
11 years ago
Muso is Aussie slang for musician
11 years ago
11 years ago
It's good to see the mucho sucko is back to its roots. Sure, it was kind of a YouTube beta and almost an eBaums there for a while, but I came looking for a music vid I saw back in the old days and I was pleasantly surprised. with the death of the REAL ogrish this and Daily Rotten are probably the second best things on the net. There is no first.
11 years ago
ohh shit! i used to have this documentary... "my skin is like paper!" lol ohh GG
11 years ago
What a fucking cunt. People like that (stupid people) get off and are fueled by all the attention they get. They should have figuratively and literally turned off the mic.

It'd be funny if that chick who came up knew some martial arts and clocked him in the throat, killing him then and there.
11 years ago
i love how hes sitting in a playgroud talking about how they assaulted a woman... fucking discusting low lifes
11 years ago
you mean "disgusting"? i happen to think he's a real man. how dare women annoy him, anyhow?
11 years ago
bite it you scum!
11 years ago
Atleast those GWAR guys were pretty funny. I love their shtick.
11 years ago
a big influence on the japanese
11 years ago
muchosucko had a huge database before. and they had one video of this guy singing naked and then grabbing some chick in the crowd and crapping diarrhea on her head. her friends pushed him down and dragged her away screaming. he then proceeded to rub it all over himself
11 years ago
@1:00 guy with the 'hitler' tash.... was that guy for real !??!
11 years ago
GG Allins brother
5 years ago
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