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black elmer fud

i remember when i saw this on an old cartoon tape when i as 5 lol i didn't know what the hell the black guy was lol i thought he was a burnt kid.


by dugdug44

submitted February 9th 2007

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not muchoworthythatdude420
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Silly negroes always trying to steal rabbits. What's he gonna steal next? He probably thought it was a chicken.
11 years ago
Why doesn't he hunt watermelon instead?
11 years ago
Wow, never seen this one. Hmm, how come they had to hide behind a bush to play a simple game of craps?
11 years ago
It wouldn't surprise me if decency laws at the time said you couldn't show gambling on T.V. Or they were just being lazy, one or the other or possibly a bit of both.
11 years ago
That really didnt offend me like the other cartoon, I tough I was goanna hate bugs bunny but I dont, mainly because bugs was just being himself, he's done all of that stuff to elmer fud. I thougt he was goanna say somthing like "whats up nigger" thank god he didnt lol.
11 years ago
I don't think this cartoon was racist.
11 years ago
back when cartoons were actually funny.
11 years ago
it's a fuckin shame they don't play these oanymore. they're some of the funniest cartoons i've ever seen.
11 years ago
Didn't we see him on the ghetto killers?
11 years ago
did anyone else find it funny he laughed liked a monkey when bugs bunny tickled him. hahahahaha
11 years ago
i found it funny that he ripped out some dice and the negro got all excited. and anyone who knows a black person knows why.
11 years ago
Silly rabbit, nigs are for kids!
11 years ago
fuck all of you especially hot shot
11 years ago
interesting, this color thang
11 years ago
looks like all the nigs i have seen and acks like them too.
11 years ago
You won't find no niggaz goin' at a mall going on a shootin' rampage, and himself over a lost job and some pussy. That's for damn sure. Keep stressin' that nigga shit, and I have a team of niggaz that w/ clown the fuck out of you scary rednecks in this forum. Too scared to come out in the open without hidden like a bitch online. Some of all probably ain't got a bitch. Probably found out she was selling pussy on the DL for some nigga. Yeah, I see where some of the hatin' is comin' from. Get on w/ that punk shit.
10 years ago
Not racist
5 years ago
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