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animated bunny video

Tism-Everyone else has had more sex then me. The playful bunny animation is perfect.

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by Stephen

submitted February 8th 2007

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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How long till we fry this thang?
11 years ago
This Is Serious Mother
11 years ago
Greg the stop sign....TISM...download it
11 years ago
Happy New Year 2004!!!
11 years ago
It's sort of disconcerting that a rabbit would think that.
11 years ago
WillAbortion&Playa4skins theme song...
11 years ago
Tism are shit
11 years ago
TISM fucking rock.
11 years ago
TISM ftw
11 years ago
The best thing about TISM (apart from the awesome music) is the fact that noone knows who they are. In every single public performance they ever did, they wore masks. I know for a fact that one of them is a high school teacher, and another is a lawyer. Noone knows who they are though. The reason they wore masks is because the stuff they sung about was so politically incorrect that they didn't want people to know who they were....

T.I.S.M. This Is Serious Mother..

download some of their stuff...it rocks :)
11 years ago
Ah if Muchosucko ever came out as a double cd soundtrack this would make it in with Anal Seepage.
11 years ago
Ah i remember seeing this for the first time a few years back when newgrounds was the new thing which spawned alot of these mucho sucko type sites.

Good times...
11 years ago
no one taking credit for that? look'd like Chuck Jones t' me.
ay r'member this too.
11 years ago
Poor little guy, I'll fuck you.
11 years ago
too late, i already fulfilled his dreams..
11 years ago
id fuck the 1718 bunny....hard
11 years ago
...the irony is all the porn vids to the left and right of this video...
10 years ago
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