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Well, he tried to drink the jug of 3 month old kool-aid.... he just couldn't quite make it.


by yak

submitted February 5th 2007

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What's so amazing about 3 month old kool-aid?
11 years ago
3 month old walrus semen mixed with a pinch of Ted Turners liver would be something..
11 years ago
Chunk goes to college?
11 years ago
what a waste...
11 years ago
illl give him the effort.... but honestly add something tot he koolaid and then we'll talk....
shit.... id probably put a good table spoon of dried yeast watch it ferment for six months and then serve chilled.
11 years ago
Should have made a Jonestown cocktail out of it with a bit of cyanide and valium.
11 years ago
The barfing was kinda funny. I'd rather see a naked jap chick do it though.
11 years ago
what a puss.. seriously... the puking was cool though.. lots of force lol
11 years ago
Seriously! I would have been better if he would drank the puke.
11 years ago
think of what he couldve done with all that projectile vomit!! what a waste. would be better if he chased his friends while vomiting on them.
11 years ago
maybe it was cool because it was a fat kid wearing a shirt that said oink...
11 years ago
kinda reminds me of belushi in animal house
11 years ago
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