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Bud, King Crab

SB Comm


by Anonymous

submitted February 5th 2007

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Superbowl commercials are getting lamer and lamer each year...
11 years ago
Wow, that sucked.
11 years ago
11 years ago
fuck so-called "budweiser", king of shit more like. let's try & take the name of a good lager so people might think our piss-water is actually good.

czech budweiser all the way.
11 years ago
that was a waste of internet space.
11 years ago
Bud sucks and that shit was fucking boring. Wow, crabs, like I don't see them every time I scratch my nuts.
11 years ago
Uhhhh....that was stupid
11 years ago
I wouldn't drink budweiser if they showed the Olsen Twins stark naked drinking it. I hate budweiser.
11 years ago
mustang says fuck off and find your own clips!
11 years ago
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