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Bud Lite Apes

SB Comm


by Anonymous

submitted February 5th 2007

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Alec was here.
11 years ago
fuck "budweiser" up it's stupid, cock-loving arse.

no wait, don't. they'd like it too much. cancers for them all. czech budweiser rules
11 years ago
Ok, I'll say it... "I didn't know black people liked Bud Lite so much."
11 years ago
Ya, I kinda got the feeling it was somthing of a social satire...blacks, theft, alcohol related incidents, distracted by white women, failure. Maybe I'm overthinking due to a lack of Bud Lite. Nasty ass, diluted piss water.
11 years ago
the coolest animal i have ever seen in a zoo is a gorilla... they are amazing
11 years ago
This is way funnier when your high.
11 years ago
Not funny but even if it was funny as shit I still wouldn't drink that horrible stuff.
11 years ago
that was FUNNY!!!
or maybe ay 'm just easily amused.
11 years ago
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