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Digital Furniture

drawing in 3D space to create furniture using a computer... they look like shit but its still pretty cool.


by yak

submitted February 4th 2007

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I'd like to see it with people who could draw
11 years ago
I'd like to see it where the girls were naked.
11 years ago
still pretty damn cool
11 years ago
Have the blond draw a bed then we will see something better.
11 years ago
What's so great about this exactly? Someone has just gone through frame by frame and drawn it in ;/.
11 years ago
Nothings great about this movie at all nor is there anything great about any of the videos' today and what the fuck was up with yesterday?? didnt even have videos' what the fuck em i supposed to do when i dont get my daily dose of "fucked up"?
11 years ago
Pretentious. boring, unimpressive - in short, absolute bollocks
11 years ago
So is this technology real? ...Because I'd definitely be possible to make such a thing. If it is - what's goin on is a computer is reading the movements of that "pen" in 3d space and then using some sort of technology to cut what was drawn out of a large block of the material...looked like a liquid so the cutting would be hardening it.
11 years ago

Yeaup - its a real technology.

If you dont find it cool that you can "draw a piece of furniture" in 3d then have a machine create exactly what you drew......then damn ...iono... you must be experiencing a lot crazier shit w/ the weed you're smoking?
11 years ago
ohh... ppfffttt!!! "this video has been removed by the user". DID finally find th' site, tho.
11 years ago
ohgawd!! ay could have FUN with THAT!!
11 years ago
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